These are the Caribbean islands we are all about
Our Territory-Over 1 million sq miles
MARK j ARMSTRONG Founder, HOLANET invites you to join us in the Caribbean.
Mark Armstrong, Founder HOLANET

Greetings Caribbean lovers!

Join our group of committed professionals looking to spread opportunity throughout the Caribbean. 

 The Islanders need growth-hack type training in digital marketing and tourism promotion.

If they don't do this, they risk falling even further behind the fast paced world economy.

With rising oceans, their dependence on Tourism income is at risk. 

Check the Map for a list of Islands we have targeted for this project. Pick your favorite and then Join Us! Either in person, or from any device anywhere and help us promote the cause. There are many ways you can be part of our team effort to make a difference!

Remember it's not ALL work. It IS the Caribbean, after all.


That's the good Karma word for Winter 2017-2018.

Q. What is "VolunTourism"

A. "VolunTourism"  combines both volunteering and tourism.

When you visit a Caribbean Island, instead of just laying on the beach, you spend a few hours teaching the native population some of your skills.

They are eager to learn & you'll get a big fat smile on your face knowing you did some good in the world!

Hey, Why Not Come to the Caribbean and have the best vacation of your life in the Winter 2017-2018?

While relaxing and partying take some time out and boost your karmic balance sheet by helping us with a cool project.

We want to train an army of Islanders as Digital Ambassadors to spread the good vibes of the islands to the rest of the world.

On your next visit, take a few hours off from all that strenuous partying and lying on the beach activity (haha) and share some of your knowledge with eager to learn Islanders.

If you want to volunteer some time or make a donation for equipment for this project it would be greatly appreciated.

The people from the Caribbean need to join the global economy now.

They are lagging.  

We think this is a cool, fun way to assist them. Don't you?

PS-Thanks for anything you can give to help us help them.

Welcome to your Caribbean Office
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